Featured Testimonial

I’ll be the first to admit I am very overprotective of my dog, Yaz. He’s always been a timid mamas boy and I struggled in the past with boarding him when we were on vacation. This is the fifth place we tried. At other places he never seemed quite himself when we picked him up. Once he even came home completely shaken up with bloodied fur and puncture wounds from another dog that had bit him. The only explanation I got was “dogs will be dogs.”

I can honestly say Dee Tails is THE BEST boarding experience we’ve ever had. I LOVE that they have a zero aggression policy and are so selective about the dogs they allow. I think it’s unfortunate others have given negative reviews for that. I commend Dee Tails for putting safety first and for not allowing dogs that don’t play well with others. I never worry about him getting bullied or bit while he’s away from me. When you are on vacation you should relax, not worry about your dog getting hurt. I also love that it’s cage free. Yaz has never been a cage dog so it’s an environment that is closest to home for him. They always greet him by name when we arrive which makes us both feel a nice warm welcome. Sometimes he gets a nervous stomach when he boards and doesn’t like to eat. A staff member was happy to report that she was able to get Yaz to eat by adding a little water to his food and by sitting with him during mealtime. If that’s not a testament to the above and beyond care they provide I don’t know what is.

Yaz is always so excited to go to Dee Tails and is his complete normal happy self when we pick him up. I’d give them 10 stars if I could!

Erica Adix

Happy Clients

I Love this Day Care for my fur Kid Tynslee ...she gets EXCITED as soon as we drive up . She can't wait to get out and play..it's a CLEAN well thought out Dog friendly facility...the staff is wonderful and caring.she doesn't come home covered in mud which I love ..she is worn out from hours of play in and out of the puppy pools .. couldn't ask for safer fun place for her to go..I give it 5

Rosie Sorrentino

My dog is obsessed if I tell him were going to Bridgette's Doggie Day care. Such a fun place for him and he is tired and content whenhecomes home.

Kathy Wolfe

I take my little Violet to Laura, the best groomer ever!!! She loves her as if she was her own. Staff at Dee-Tails is wonderful! Always friendly and accomidating. Highly recommend them.

Julie Levett

My rating is based on grooming and not daycare as we have not been to the daycare. Friendly staff and good prices!


Awesome place!!!


This is the best place for your pet. When our Airedale was sick with cancer, which she died from only 5 months later, Bridgett and the team took care of our Koda as if she were their own. We now have a Standard Poodle, our first experience with this breed, we get the same comfort of knowing our Koko is well cared for by the Dee-Tails folks. I would never want to return to the days of confinement in a crate or "kennel"!!!

Jean Jordan

Love Dee-tails! They are so welcoming and excited when Oakley comes to visit. They are not just a daycare but the staff is actively interacting with the dogs all day. I got videos from the staff last week of my dog being trained on an agility course and active outside play. He comes home exhausted every time. Can't say enough about them and the facility. And the cage free boarding is amazing. Thank you Bridget and the Dee-tails staff.

Amy Saidla

This is the ONLY place I will bring my dog Theo. We live an hour and a half from Plainwell but I won’t bring him anywhere else. I wish I could give more stars because this place sure deserves it. There isn’t one complaint I have. The staff is awesome- the facilities are incredible. Theo has so much fun- in a nonthreatening cage free environment that is actually better than home! The concept is brilliant and the owner and staff are completely dedicated. They are in their own category. I wish they were closer for daycare but at least when we will be gone - whether we are headed that direction or not- that’s where Theo will go. I just hope they don’t get so busy that we have trouble making a reservation! Selfishly, I would like to keep them to myself, but they are so awesome they deserve to be recognized!

Jan Saxe

Just another opinion from a German shepherd owner...we were welcomed with open arms to this beautiful and very clean facility. The staff there is very knowledgeable about dogs and tries their best to have a fun and safe social environment. We were very pleased with our time there

Kim Olrich

I am so impressed with this beautiful facility and kind, sweet people! My interactions with both Bridgit and Sandie were warm and friendly and informative. What a great service they provide for dogs and people who love dogs!

Heidi Rinne

our Finley had a WONDERFUL time at DEE Tails when he boarded and when he does daycare...He stands at the door in the morning hoping this is his day to go see his play buddies! I love the pictures they post and it warms my heart when he comes home so tired from his very active day! A GREAT place! LOVE IT...

Tanner Lee

I can't be any happier with Bridgett and the Staff! They take excellent care of my dog, She has overcome a lot of her shyness, thanks to the loving care she gets at Dee-Tails!

Diane Stein

I took my two Chihuahuas there for nail trimming. They were very friendly and obviously love dogs. They did a great job at a reasonable price. I will definitely keep going there.

Arlene Snyder