The Doghouse is a Great Place at Dee-Tails

The Doghouse is a Great Place at Dee-Tails

Scenic, open areas for your pup at our facility

Dee-Tails Doggie Daycare & Boarding has the perfect open space for your pup to enjoy. Your four-legged friend can go anywhere in the world at our doggie daycare.

Inside, we have themed rooms for when they want to relax. From a “Springtime in Paris” area to a "Seaside Cabana" room, your friend will find solace around our amazing doghouse. We have plenty of fluffy beds for your dog to lie around on, and places to grab a snack for when they need to refuel.

Outside the Doghouse is a 5000 sq. ft. play yard, where your friend can roam around and get a tremendous amount of exercise. With our supervision, your dog and a few close friends can play catch and run around freely. It’s a great place, and it keeps your pup from being stuck inside a house all day!

Dee-Tails Doggie Daycare would love for you to come and take a tour of the facility. You can get to know our staff and the Doghouse area, as well as learn about specifics when it comes to how we monitor and supervise our new four-legged friends.

We aren’t a training facility, but because we are cage free, we do help them work on manners and follow rules – just like they would at your home. Our staff will give your dog the personalized care you want, and the freedom they need!

Whether it’s for a day or for a week or so, we’d be happy to house your dog at Dee-Tails Doggie Daycare & Boarding. Come visit us today and see if our kennel-free dog boarding facility in Plainwell, MI is the right fit for you and your dog.

Spring Time In Paris

Seaside Cabana