A Home Away From Home For Your Pup

A Home Away From Home For Your Pup

Our Boarding Is Unique - We Are Cage-free!

The rates for Boarding are as follows:

$53 per night
$33 per night for the 2nd dog in the same household

We would also like to inform you that we now accept Visa and Mastercard, in addition to cash and checks. 

Cage-free Boarding Facility in Plainwell, MI

No Boredom with this Boarding

As a guest of cage-free boarding, your four-legged family member has access to the entire Dog House as if he were at home. Just like any vacation get away, he can decide when he is tired, playful, loving or ready for business. And as with any "hotel," guests are expected to know how to behave and socialize with the staff and other guests. After passing a temperament test, your pooch and his family can rest easy and have a great vacation!

We are unique in many ways. Not only are we cage-free, but we stay with our dogs 24 hours a day. As a smaller Dog House with 1-25 dogs, yours won't get lost in the pack. Once your pup has been temperament tested, we accept him for our daycare. All of our boarding guests will attend the daycare during their stay here in Plainwell.

Slumber parties, indoor campouts and more

We stay in the same house as your dog so there is no need for video cameras or intercoms. When your pooch hears the call of the wild, we are there to answer. Anything your pooch needs, he can literally roll over and let us know.

We wish we could take every dog in for boarding but because of the nature of our cage-free boarding, only dogs that pass the temperament test at Dee-Tails are allowed to board with us. We have zero tolerance for aggression of any kind. Rest assured that your dog is playing during the day and sleeping at night with only very sociable, non-aggressive, sweet dogs.

"What should we bring for boarding?"

  • *Please bring your dog's food individually bagged for each meal, enough for the number of boarding days plus a little extra in case you are delayed. A change in food can cause upset tummies, excessive gas or diarrhea, greatly decreasing vacation fun! All dogs will be fed in separate quarters for safety and to allow your dog to feel more comfortable and relaxed while eating. It also allows staff to monitor each dog's food intake.
  • *Feel free to bring a special item from home that has a familiar smell, like a pillowcase or a shirt. This may help them sleep or fight any homesickness they may have, especially if this is a new experience. Comfy beds and blankets are provided, so you do not need to bring theirs from home.
  • *If your dog is taking any medication, please bring it in its original bottle, labeled with directions.
  • **Although we are a cage-free Dog House, we do have cages on site in case of emergencies.